Last fall Missouri Representative Wanda Brown visited the Golden Valley Adventist School at the invitation of head teacher Connie Sunderland. Brown’s district covers Henry County, where the school is located in the city of Clinton.

The students asked Rep. Brown questions about her job, how she got it, what she does on a daily basis, and how large her district is. They also got to learn a little about her as a person by finding out what her favorite foods, color and hobbies are. When asked what the students could do to help her, Rep. Brown said, “Pray for your leaders to make right decisions and get involved with your representatives.”

Rep. Brown gave the students handouts of state symbols, state officials, an example of a joint resolution, election procedures and qualifications of representatives, plus a map of the Lewis and Clark expedition. She will also be sending the school a flag that has flown over the state capital.

The students shared the first four of the Ten Commandments from memory with Rep. Brown. After her visit students were given a writing assignment to thank Rep. Brown with a handwritten, cursive note. The class continued their lesson on government by visiting the state capital in Jefferson City.

David Webb is a member of the Golden Valley Church.