Every Thursday is Community Service Day at Minneapolis First Church! Through faithful supporters and very generous donors, both private and public, and some grants, items are supplied that help the community.
People in the area are encouraged to come and help themselves to a variety of articles ranging from shampoo and toiletry items to day-old breads graciously donated by Panera Bread, to fresh eggs and fresh vegetables and other pantry staples. Some local groceries stores have also donated.
Every Thursday a lovely group of volunteers arrive to set up the items and help unload the deliveries: Daniel Damte, Nichole Broner, Leo Price, Nellie Harris, Bojo Jada, Angela Morgan and Idalia Price (pictured) to name just a few. In the winter, the “store” is set up inside, and in the summer it is set up in front of the church under a canopy.
While food is being given away, there is also a used clothing ministry happening on a different level of the facility. Two faithful members who have been working with this ministry for years are Leone Morse and Nellie Harris. Leone wants people to feel better about themselves due to the items given out. She recalls helping a gentleman with some clothes who later returned wearing the clothes to tell her he went for a job interview and got the job!

The goal, of course, is to help people who are in need feel welcomed, supported and as comfortable as possible. And, hopefully, ask questions about why the church does this and ultimately learn about the God who loves them.