Sixteen teams of Pathfinders representing all six conferences in Mid-America territory gathered on Sabbath, Feb. 18, 2023, at the College View Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, for the Mid-America Union Pathfinder Bible Experience. After placing first in similar area and conference level events, these teams, each composed of up to six members plus an alternate, worked together to answer 90 questions from the Gospel of John and the Andrews Bible Commentary. 

This is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that the union level event has been held entirely in person. The teams were spaced throughout the sanctuary in an orderly manner. Many Pathfinder club staff and family members were in the audience to show support for their young people.

Large group of Pathfinders

 Event coordinator Lonnie Nelson said PBE is “an incredibly important event that keeps kids involved in reading the Bible.” He added that he is grateful to the parents and coaches who put in so many hours to help the Pathfinders memorize their sections. “It’s more than a Pathfinder event. It’s a family event,” Nelson concluded. 

Iowa-Missouri youth director Denison Sager was the designated “reader” for this year’s event and Alicia Spaid was the time keeper. The time allotted for answering each of the 90 questions ranged from 30 to 60 seconds. Sager read each question aloud, and after the time was up and each team submitted their answers he also read the correct answers aloud. Four teams of adult judges, with three judges per team, were positioned at tables in the back of the sanctuary to review and score the Pathfinders’ written answers. 

Ten of the 16 teams received a first place ranking at this year’s event. Those teams receiving a first place ranking, which is a score of 90 percent or higher (in relation to the top team score), are eligible to go on to the division level PBE scheduled to be held this year on April 21 and 22 in Tampa, Florida. 

  • IA-MO Ankeny Son Seekers,  Devoted – First Place
  • IA-MO Sedalia, Sedalia Pioneers – First Place
  • IA-MO Cedar Rapids, Timberwolves, Wonders – First Place
  • KS-NE College View Trailblazers, Faithful – Second Place
  • KS-NE College View Trailblazers, Aenon – First Place
  • Dakota Hermosa Battle Creek Warriors – Second Place
  • Dakota Cleveland Prairie Trails – Second Place
  • MINN Faith Church International, Faith Warriors, Jaguars – First Place
  • MINN Kenyan Community Church, Heaven’ Crew Eagles – First Place
  • MINN Ramsey Light Of The World, Messengers Of Christ – First Place
  • MINN Southview, Southview Sabers, Swords – First Place
  • CSC The Mountain Experience, The Wise Believers – Second Place
  • CSC United Central, United Truth Seekers, United Doves – Second Place
  • CSC United Central, United Truth Seekers, United Panthers – Third Place
  • RMC Aurora, Aurora Las Aguilas – First Place
  • RMC Campion, Loveland Cougars, Cougars – First Place

According to the North American Division PBE website, this event was developed to help Pathfinders and young people meditate and reflect on what the Bible says and how it applies to their lives. The website features ideas for application to help Pathfinders use what they study and apply it to their daily experience at home, school and church.

The PBE Bible books for next year are Joshua and Judges.

Photo: Venus Douglas