Communication directors from Mid-America’s local conferences and institutions met Monday, Nov. 10 on the Union College campus in Lincoln, Nebraska to explore industry best practices in regard to design and digital communication. Presenter Costin Jordache, vice president for communication for Central California Conference, engaged the audience in a discussion titled Turning Heads: Principles of Compelling and Effective Design.

A number of college students and professors attended the portion of the seminar that concentrated on web design. E-newsletter design and distribution was also included in the day’s presentation.

Early on, Jordache addressed the question of why communicators should be concerned with design. “People’s souls are at stake!” he asserted. “As Adventists we have the most amazing and transformative message on the planet to share. We must package it in the most attractive manner possible.”

Jordache then shared 12 principles for accomplishing that goal, along with additional practical tips. A point he stressed repeatedly was that communicators must be willing to sacrifice some content for attention-grabbing impact. One way to do that, he explained, is to place less information in print and more online.

“Costin was an excellent speaker. He brought some very helpful information,” said John Treolo, communication director for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference headquartered in Topeka, Kansas.

Cassie Martsching, communication director for AdventSource, a ministry resourcing center in Lincoln, agreed. “He is so knowledgeable and shares things in an interesting way,” she said.

Staying on the cutting edge is often challenging for small conferences and non-profits, due in part to limited budgets and time constraints. The annual day of training, offered at no cost by the Mid-America Union as part of their year-end meetings, is a welcome opportunity for communicators to network and learn additional skills.

Top Photo: (l-r) Raschelle Hines, Jacquie Biloff, Brian Mungandi, Michelle Hansen, Randy Harmdierks, Brenda Dickerson, Ryan Teller, Mark Bond, John Treolo 

 Bottom Photo: Costin Jordache, vice president for communication for Central California Conference,  presents Turning Heads: Principles of Compelling and Effective Design to Mid-America communicators in Lincoln, Nebraska.