While I was in Salt Lake City recently we had the opportunity to attend a live practice of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir—a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. The incredible skill of the musicians produced such enchantment as I imagine must flood the courts of heaven.

Later in the week we toured the visitor’s center near the temple where I learned much about the particular beliefs of Latter Day Saints. Sister Anderson from Iowa was one of our guides. She was a lovely young lady, perhaps 20 years of age, with a wholesome smile and engaging manners. Sister Anderson was 12 months into her 18-month term of missionary service. She obviously loved Jesus very much and spoke sincerely of her desire to please Him through her work.

As we walked between buildings, we compared stories of her service with what my daughter was experiencing as a student missionary in Southeast Asia. I couldn’t help noticing their similarities—dedicated young hearts in love with Jesus, willing to leave behind family, friends and earthly pursuits to focus on the value of spiritual relationships.

As our tour concluded I hugged Sister Anderson and earnestly said, “I hope I see you heaven, if not again on this earth.” Surely there will be room for us all.