Is it really necessary to encourage study of next quarter’s lessons on the teachings of Jesus? I think most of us already have enthusiasm for this topic or we wouldn’t be following any of these lessons from week to week.

If there’s one thing that draws people to Christianity, it’s the life of Jesus. And certainly one thing most people thirst for after their baptism is more of Jesus and what He taught. Indeed His teachings are so inclusive that they would probably suffice, if that’s all the Bible we had. And the amazing thing is that we never tire or fail to be blessed by studying those things that Jesus taught while on earth. His teachings are powerful enough to inspire us throughout our lives.

The scary thing is that it’s these very teachings that Satan has attacked the hardest over the centuries. He too understands their ability to make us disciples of our Savior. His goal is to confuse our minds by twisting the truth, adding to the truth, or negating the truth in any way he can; and unfortunately, he’s been quite successful.

As I scan the table of contents for next quarter’s lessons, I can spot Satan’s work of deception on every one of the points Jesus was trying to get across to His people. Therefore it’s essential that we address each of these Bible themes with serious, Spirit-led minds and glean from them the truth, the real truth, about God and His character, that Jesus came to earth to portray.

It might be tempting for some of us to play hooky next quarter, thinking that surely we know all there is to know about Jesus’ teachings. But if we neglect this study, we will be playing right into Satan’s hand as well. If he can’t confound the truth, he will certainly downplay it in our minds and make it seem less worthy of our attention.

Let’s give next quarter our full attention and our greatest effort to study. How can we be followers of Someone like Jesus without keeping what Jesus taught foremost in our mission?