Looking Ahead with Peace

Looking ahead
I’m at peace tonight.
Under my Master’s care.
He spoke this:
“Be still,”
And patted my restless hands.

Only as much as He allows,
This I will do
In His strength.

The difference is peace.
I’m abiding still closer.
I’m free to be me
When I serve one True Master.

I’ll let others be pleased
With the people they need.
I’m shaking off compulsion.
They can wrestle for help
Somewhere else.

If you are someone
I have helped out today,
Be assured I am happily giving
My best—

Not too much,
Or too little,
But all that is right;
A true gift you can accept
Without fretting.

There are clouds up ahead in my life,
But I see a way of peace.
A new storm to pass through,
But my Master will guide me.

I will go where He moves.
I will do what He asks.
I will rest when He slows.
His pillar will show me the way.

His path is right.
His faithfulness has never wavered.
I know peace as I hold His hand tight.

By Janel R. Brasuell
May 16, 2013

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/82208127@N08/8275464775/