“Like most conferences, Dakota has a rich and interesting history. From the first request for Adventist literature in the 1870s, the Lord has steadily built the work in the northern plains.” So began the June 2012 OUTLOOK article introducing the building of a new headquarters facility in which Dakota Conference office workers serve the field. Neil Biloff, conference president, reminisced in staff worship: “One year ago, the weekend of March 31, we began this project. It would not have been possible this year, with the ground still frozen.”

Elder Biloff reported that Adventists and non-Adventists alike have stopped by to see the new facility. It is bright and cheery, with a window in every office.

At the close of camp meeting, a new Adventist Book Center (ABC) will open in the lower level of the conference building. Lynette Miller, a native North Dakotan, will move back to operate the store. Miller managed the ABC for five years at its previous Dakota Adventist Academy location. She then operated an ABC in Wisconsin, for a total of 13 years’ experience.

Grand opening for the Dakota Conference office is scheduled during camp meeting, with bus transportation from the academy.

News writer Jacquie Biloff is communication director for the Dakota Conference.