At Lighthouse Christian School, students in grades 5-8 are catching the vision of leadership through the help of Pastor Rex Bell. Pastor of the Fort Morgan Church, Bell is the director and creator of a new monthly leadership and entrepreneurship program.
 Students were overjoyed on kick-off day, Sept. 15. “Is this real?!  Wow!  I can’t believe it!” exclaimed thirteen ecstatic students. Each received a crisp $50 bill as a challenge to use wise leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
“I am going to buy ingredients to make cookies, then sell the cookies in my neighborhood!” said Noeli Hernandez, grade five. “I think I am going to put my money into a savings account to earn interest to pay for academy tuition,” said Kyra Baquera, grade six. “My money is going straight into my savings account, too!” added Clark Cinco, grade eight.
During the presentation, Pastor Bell inspired students to be brave leaders. “Leadership is influence. Everyone is a leader because everyone has influence. What kind of leader will you be?” Students were reminded that part of leadership is money management. After sharing the parable of the talents found in Matt. 25, Pastor Bell presented each student with their $50 bill. “Use your leadership skills wisely,” Pastor Bell told them. “In January you will report to the group what you did with your $50, and then you will receive another $50!”
Lighthouse students were also honored by guest speakers Ed Barnett, RMC president, and Kelly Siebrands, owner of Fort Morgan State Farm Agency.
Painting a picture of leadership, Barnett told them, “God calls young people to become leaders.”  He pointed to the lives of Samuel and Joseph, young men who served as strong leaders. “The key to leadership is walking with Jesus every day. Christian leadership is all about being faithful to God.” He ended by sharing the story of how God called him to be a minister at age 14.
Mr. Kelly Siebrands concluded by sharing specific strategies and secrets of being a successful entrepreneur. “Leadership comes with responsibility. Use your community’s resources to help your money grow.” He explained how savings accounts and the stock market work, and told them that choices involve risks. “Remember, people will judge you based on how you act. If you are horrible to other people, it won’t matter if you have a million dollars.”
Lighthouse students look forward to hearing more each month from Siebrands, who will go into greater depth with the students on the subject of investments.
Jodie Aakko is principal and grades 1-4 teacher at Fort Morgan Lighthouse Christian School.