The story of Adventist education in northeastern Colorado is a beautiful testimony of the fact that nothing is impossible for a church with prayers and dreams.

With the nearest Adventist school 60 miles away, Ft. Morgan’s dedicated parents bused their little ones to Brighton and back. The days were long, but the parents knew that Adventist education was worth it. Then two years ago the Ft. Morgan Church opened a multi-family home school organization that met in the church’s extra Sabbath school rooms.

This was just the beginning of what God had in store. On Aug. 20, 2014, Lighthouse Seventh-day Adventist Christian School opened its doors as an official conference school, and 18 excited young scholars began using the extra rooms in the church building, filling the school to capacity. Together the Adventist churches of Yuma, Akron, Sterling and Ft. Morgan began partnering to educate their children for eternity.

Miracles spawn growth

As we look back on our first year at Lighthouse, we see that our Lord is larger than the flood of problems we encountered as we prepared our classrooms. God did not allow water to harm our computers, nor remodel delays to slow our progress, nor inspections to shut our doors. Facing great expenses for computers, desks, supplies and books, we trusted God and prayed for His provision, and He worked through friends, nearby schools and yard sales to supply our school with modern computer desks, cushioned rolling desk chairs, nearly new computers and flat screens for each student, and enough books to fill our entire library. And what about a playground and a gym? That prayer was answered before it was ever asked; the students walk four short blocks to use the city’s recreation center, playfields and playground.

Lighthouse students have participated in many local events and service projects, and even took second place in the city’s Christmas parade. To make sure the school’s doors are open to all God’s children, tuition rates are capped to a very low amount (less than half of other private schools in the area), and financial assistance is promised to all in need.

We believe that multi-grade classrooms are the best school setting for academic, social and spiritual growth, and it has been wonderful to see the students flourish this year in their relationships with Jesus and each other at Lighthouse. Truly, God’s miraculous support of our school and students this past year has been so awesome and has happened so often that there isn’t enough space to detail all the ways that God has blessed us.

Fulfilling our mission

The miracles during this inaugural year enabled precious students to meet Jesus as their best friend and to use their knowledge, skills and understandings to serve God and humanity. In faith we are looking forward to expanding next school year by adding a second full-time teacher (Karen Reinke) and a science lab for an anticipated student enrollment of 25.

Adventist education in northeastern Colorado is truly a journey of faith, prayer and miracles. As we trust God we can see His work in this final movement—a movement in which our youth will be trained as leaders who will help prepare the world for Jesus’ soon return.

This article was also published in the July/August 2015 print edition of OUTLOOK. It was written by Jodie Aakko, who taught grades 1-8 at Lighthouse Adventist Christian School during the 2014-15 school year.