ReederGraduation of the 2015 class at Campion Adventist Academy was the last for its principal, Spencer Hannah. He leaves his position after three years of service.

Lonnie Hetterle, education director for the Rocky Mountain Conference, said, “As Spencer and his wife, Eva, transition to the next chapter of their lives and service, on behalf of the education ministry and church leadership, we express our gratitude and wishes of God’s continued blessings.”

The Board of Campion Academy voted on May 19 to appoint Donavan Reeder, Campion’s vice-principal, as the school’s new principal as of July 1.

Reeder, who was born in Loveland, Colorado, is no stranger to Adventist education. His father, Merlin Reeder, was a teacher at HMS Richards School. “We then moved to Campion where my dad also taught and was assistant boy’s dean. When I was four we moved to Utah where I grew up,” said Reeder. His college education took him to Andrews University and to Walla Walla University where he graduated with a BA in communication media and a minor in religion.

His service in education has been connected to Campion for 31 years—two years as assistant boy’s dean and 29 as head dean. His teaching experience included sophomore Bible class, as well as several communication-related subjects including videography and speech. “Like my grandfather, Clarence Reeder, I was also a sponsor of the school newspaper,” he adds.

Donavan and his wife, Donna, have a daughter, Jessica Reeder, who teaches at Mile High Academy.

As he steps into his new leadership role, Reeder says that in his service he will “seek God’s leading and communicate the values, mission and vision at Campion to the staff and students.”

This article was also published in the July/August 2015 print edition of OUTLOOK. It was written by Rajmund Dabrowski, communication director for the Rocky Mountain Conference.