Mile High Academy has some of the best teachers in the business and we are proud to say our students are learning from passionate and caring educators.

One such teacher is Kate Kamarad, MHA’s kindergarten teacher. Kamarad has the ability to bring innovation and big thinking to the littlest learners on campus.

This year, Kamarad has brought guest speakers and organized field trips. One field trip was to veteran grave sites where she taught students about respect, honor and what it means to be a part of this great country. 

The kindergarten class visited Littleton Cemetery last November, where they placed 200 flags on the graves of fallen veterans. Prior to the outing, Kamarad discussed with them the way in which the flags would be placed, how they would show respect to the fallen soldiers, and the way each child would salute after placing the flag graveside. Armed with this knowledge, the children were prepared when 9News Denver arrived to film them. Without pausing, they continued their mission to honor those who served.

When kindergartener Nathan Matabi was interviewed, he explained why they were honoring the soldiers: “They died for our freedom.”

Agape Hammond is director of marketing for Mile High Academy.

Photo: Agape Hammond