The Huron Adventist Church in Huron, South Dakota has had the pleasure of ordaining an elder and a deacon (husband and wife) for the Karen group who attends the church.

Mi Sa Lay has been translating Pastor Brad Traxler’s sermons so the Karen members may benefit from the messages presented each Sabbath. She and her husband have started a Sabbath school class for the Karen members as well. The church family was pleased to ordain Mi Sa Lay as an elder in July.

Mi’s husband, Htike Lay, is a very active member and has helped out whenever and wherever as needed. Since Htike has already been doing most things that deacons usually do, Pastor Brad ordained him as a deacon on the same day.

This very dedicated young couple, wanting to serve Jesus and reach out to others, is a valuable asset to the Huron church, as was indicated July 30 when Pastor Traxler had the privilege of baptizing three Karen people.

Moo Nay Hser (far left) had arrived from one of the refugee camps with her family about nine months prior. She doesn’t speak much English so Pastor Brad asked MiSa and Htike Lay to interpret for him during Bible studies. It was a long process but well worth it!

Belinda Hofer is head deaconess and women’s ministry leader of the Huron Adventist Church.