Lana Wilson lost her one-year-old grandson in a tragic accident in 2018. As she worked through her grief and heartbreak, God planted a desire in her heart to create a bassinet ministry. Through God’s grace, Jude’s Bassinets became a reality, first as a nonprofit, and later taken over by the women’s ministry at True Life Community Seventh-day Adventist Church

From its inception, the mission of this ministry was to provide all the items needed to care for a newborn baby. We serve women who are without the means to acquire the items on their own. In so doing, a connection is forged that reflects God’s love and care and becomes a way to provide continued spiritual support once the baby is born. 

Jude’s Bassinets receives referrals for an expectant mother in need directly from church members and by partnering with a social worker from a Denver area hospital. For example, “my hairdresser’s daughter needs your help” or “I know a pregnant woman who is living in a hotel.” The ministry members then call the referral and complete screening that includes accurate demographics, expected date of baby’s birth, and review of the items we can supply. This way each woman’s gift can be customized especially for her. 

Currently, the ministry can provide diapers and wipes, bath supplies (including a basin), clothing (sleepers, t-shirts, pants and socks—all typically in newborn size), laundry supplies, a Pack and Play or bassinet, and a new car seat, if needed. Church members also graciously donate handmade sweaters, booties, hats and blankets. All the items are new and unused. And most importantly, a devotional book for women and a children’s Bible finish off the package. 

A ministry member either calls the recipient, or is notified by them, when the baby is born, and the bassinet is delivered to the home. The individuals who deliver the gift are blessed by this opportunity to meet the recipient, take pictures, ooh and ah over the newborn, and pray with this new family. This encounter also provides an opportunity to invite recipients to attend TLC or other church functions. Last year, each bassinet recipient also received a Thanksgiving basket and/or a gift from the Christmas for Kids ministry. Another ministry member sends greeting cards throughout the year to recipients, and a plan is in place to begin sending a card for the baby’s first birthday. 

To date, the ministry has reached 103 women including an expectant woman who just had a baby shower only to have her apartment and belongings destroyed by fire, and a woman who was new to the United States with little family support whose baby had a lengthy hospital stay. We were also able to serve a mother of three, expecting her fourth child, living in a hotel. 

While it is true that running this ministry comes at a cost, never once has there been concern that the money would run out. Just as the widow’s jar of oil was never empty, so too with the funds that support this ministry. God simply continues to provide. Donations large and small are received. Baby items are donated. Somehow, there is always just enough!

Bob Reynolds is pastor at True Life Community Seventh-day Adventist Church.