If you ask anyone who has grown up with me, they’ll tell you that technology hasn’t always been my forte. I’ve completely transformed over the past year in my technology skills. I always told my mom, “I think I was born in the wrong era. I think I was supposed to live in the 50’s or 60’s.” As time has gone on, I have realized I was divinely set in this generation. A beautiful aspect of God is that He has a blueprint, setting His people in the right place at the right time. It is the greatest honor to know that God has set each one of us in this generation specifically, in what I believe are the closing years of earth’s history. Not only are we divinely set in this time period, but we are divinely set in the paths of those we are to witness to.

The biggest lesson we learn in Literature Evangelism is that we do not meet people by accident. Every person we meet is a candidate for heaven. We believe God has us sent to specific people by appointment. When talking to an LE, you will hear the excitement in their voice when talking about a divine appointment. However, the even greater excitement is when the customer is the one who recognizes it as an appointment set by God.

It was our very last day of Colorado Springs and we were walking extra fast because the clouds gave impression of a soon coming storm. My friend Ashley and I walked quickly from house to house, finding very few people home. We continued to walk down the street when we saw a garage door closing for the next house. We scurried over to the next house and yelled out a quick, “Hello, excuse me Sir.” The man inside stopped the garage from closing and turned his puzzled face toward us. He looked at me with concerned eyes as to what we were doing coming into his garage. I explained who we were and what we were doing with our school scholarship program. He smiled at us and said, “Wow, I would be happy to help you ladies out. Let me look at what you have.”

Within minutes we were handing him the Great Controversy, The Desire of Ages, and the healthy cookbook. While I was writing out his receipt he took a deep sigh and said, “You ladies want to know something funny?” Ashley and I looked at each other and said, “Of course!” His smile beamed as he continued, “I have been working since ten o’clock last night. I just pulled in my driveway, and I was about to close my garage door and go sleep all day long. You two ladies almost missed me by a couple seconds. Not to mention, the only reason I am buying books from you right now is because I am so happy to be off of work.” Ashley and I clung to his every word as he continued, “So thank you for stopping by at just the right time. I think this was a Lord thing.” Ashley and I just smiled at him and answered, “We think so too, Sir.”

A divine appointment can only be met if it is recognized. How many appointments are we not recognizing throughout our day? There is no higher honor and nothing is more spiritually uplifting than knowing you are being used by God. Let God use you today, whether you are a Literature Evangelist, a school teacher, a banker, or a stay at home mom. God is ready to use us all; we just have to ask Him to open our eyes to recognize them.