Have you ever had a loved one in a metaphorical pit who was determined you would be the ladder on which they would climb out? Beth Moore talks about this in her book Get Out of That Pit and says not to buy it. Jesus is the ladder. I get that in the metaphor, but when it presents in smaller things people want me to take responsibility for, I get a confused.

Sometimes things are presented like it’s all up to me and I buy it.

If you ask if I believe the world revolves around me and everything hinges on my actions, I’d say, No. There’s a bigger picture than that. However, if you peak inside my brain, you’ll see thoughts like this floating around: If I don’t do it, it won’t happen. It’s up to me. No one else is tracking this. I wish this was more important to so-and-so.

I felt insufficient recently when my child wished there was more time to spend with me than she could get in one evening.  There were tears at bedtime and I told myself, See? I can’t give enough. I give my very best and it’s not enough. When I discussed it with a wise friend, she suggested that my child’s world is bigger than just me.

“Maybe you aren’t the cause of her suffering at all. Maybe it’s other things that happened throughout her day.” Well sure, but then I need to swoop in and make it all better, right? My friend said I wasn’t the cure-all either.

And isn’t that true? And if it is, what a relief! We may wish we could magically make everything better for our loved ones, but if we could, when would they look to Jesus? Their world IS bigger than me because they have heavenly Parenting who’s ultimately responsible for them. Not me. The best news here is God is fully capable of caring for them, as He knows them better than I do. So rest easy, not because you’ve got this, but because God does.

And if people are insisting you be their ladder to a better life, feel free to step away and leave some room for Jesus.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28