A new development is taking place as It Is Written prepares to launch a broadcast streaming channel called It It Written TV (IIWTV). This will first be available on Roku, with a staggered roll out plan for other internet streaming platforms, including Apple TV. There is already interest among stations for rebroadcasting live 24/7 media that will be accessible on mobile devices.

Seeking submissions of broadcast content

IIWTV developers are looking for Christian, non-political, non-inflammatory content to broadcast such as sermons, camp meeting presentations, seminars, training sessions, actual broadcast ready programs, mission reviews, devotional and music. All content will go through a review process for high image quality,  sound and content. HD or 4K content is strongly preferred. SD will be considered only it it is very good.
First preference of broadcast content will go to timed broadcast HD or 4K programs (28:30 and 58:30). However, short or odd length programs will also be considered.

Advantages for your ministry

If your content is chosen to air, there will be no charge to you or your ministry. Other advantages include increasing exposure to your ministry, creating a digital streaming presence, capturing a broad international audience, and aligning yourself with leading broadcast ministries.
If you are interested in partnering with IIWTV to develop your program ideas or potentially have your live events broadcasted, you can tap into IIW’s 60-plus year of experience in media ministry by contacting Tibor Shelley, associate director of Production and Media at 423.362.5821.
Information provided by It Is Written