Iowa-Missouri delegates at their Quadrennial Constituency Session re-elected officers Dean Coridan (president), Robert Peck (vice president for administration) and Rhonda Karr (vice president for finance). Also re-installed to serve another four-year term were all department directors: Robert Wagley (ministerial / evangelism / religious liberty), Joseph Allison, ED (education), Michelle Miracle (communication / Sabbath school), Denison Sager (youth / Camp Heritage), Brian Carlton (planned giving / Conference Association secretary), and Stan Shireman (Adventist Book Center manager).

Presiding at the session was Thomas L. Lemon, president of the Mid-America Union Conference, who reported that all Iowa-Missouri leaders were “enthusiastically” returned to office. Also participating from Mid-America regional headquarters were vice presidents Maurice R. Valentine (administration), who delivered a memorable devotional message, and Elaine Hagele (finance).