My 3-year-old grand daughter has a new saying, “I come to you in the name of the Lord.”  All the while she is swinging a sword at her brother or sister.  When her mother asked her to stop she assured her mom that it was okay because it was in the name of the Lord.  This gave me a good chuckle until I got to thinking. . .

How often do we come in the name of the Lord with a sword?  Our sword may be harsh words or actions.  Perhaps they are judgmental words that have no business coming out of our mouth.  Or just maybe they are words that tear down in place of building up. Max Lucado says, “Every touchdown in life is a team effort, applaud your teammates.”

The truth is often the harsh words or actions are directed toward those we love the most.  It’s easy to take our bad mood out on the people in our family.

Please join me in coming in the name of the Lord with kindness, helpfullness and lovingly applauding our teammates.