This poem is dedicated to those of you who are involved in school beginnings this year.  You may be a student, educator, or staff person.  You may be a mom educating at home.  May you sense the One who keeps His promises by your side always! ~Janel

I Promise!
I promise to be with you all day long               
                Your first day of school is blessed by Me
I promise to remember your sins no more               
                Your heart is washed as clean as the world around you
I promise to give you courage to face               
                new teachers
                                new classmates                                   
                                               new tasks               
                and new feelings as you advance beyond yesterday
I promise unseen protection bigger than your biggest bully               
                Your Guardian Angel stands tall and proud
I promise to hold you up when you feel like breaking
                You have unending support from Me
I promise to restrain you when your enthusiasm flies too high
                You have My help in any situation
I promise to laugh with you
                You bring Me great delight
I promise to satisfy your thirst for learning
                You know Me as the Great Teacher
I promise to stay with you as you leave these doors
                You are never alone
I promise to give you everlasting life
                Your heart has a Home with Me
I promise My unfailing, unflappable, unwavering Love
                You cannot lose My Love
Today is your first day of school
                You will face many new things
My promise is for you and for everyone you meet today
               Will you tell them I said “I promise”?


By Janel R. Brasuell

August 15, 2011

Written for Eric Brasuell on his first day of 7th grade.  God put this double rainbow in the sky beside the school as classes began.

Photo credits:
Double Rainbow:  Jerry Brasuell
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