By Dena Simonds~

While driving home one day I started thinking about my acceleration pedal. When my brother began driving he would surge forward and then slow down. I find most drivers start out this way—trying to get the feel of how much to press down. It doesn’t come naturally. It’s learned from practice.

I did the same thing…plus bunny hops; I learned on a stick shift.

As a child of God, I am learning. I am surging down the road trying to figure out this relationship thing. How do I give Him what He wants? What does this walk in faith look like? Sometimes I give and then I take away—not trusting Him with something in my life. Holding on to it. Growing and learning.

Time passes and I learn that I can trust Him with my “stuff.” I give Him more and more. I trust Him because He’s proven Himself.

As I neared home I thought about how many times I had driven this road. I knew I was going the right speed; I didn’t have to look, but I did. Sure enough, I was right on. I wasn’t having to struggle to keep my speed down or up like I used to. My foot knows just the right pressure. It’s been taught with training.

I thought, This is how my relationship with God looks now—its grown. It gets easier, comes more naturally. I don’t have to struggle as much to keep the speed limit for long periods of time like I used to—going fast, then slow, fast then slow. I trust more.

The Bible says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart” Prov. 3:5. I have become a better driver by allowing Christ to work through me. Sometimes when life gets too crazy I let “Jesus take the wheel.” He really is a great driver!!!

How’s your driving been lately?