Jesus is our example for everything, including carrying out the instructions He gave us about spreading the gospel. So let’s look at how He shared the good news with people He encountered.

Take, for example, the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus didn’t preach her a sermon. He didn’t judge her. He placed value on her and drew her attention to what was really important—He showed her the way to follow.

Then she became an effective evangelist in just a few minutes because she couldn’t wait to tell a whole town about someone who loved her like never before.

You and I can be effective evangelists for our communities as well.

Numbers don’t lie. The numbers tell us that the most effective evangelist is you… and other members like you who take the time to share the gospel with friends and relatives and neighbors.

What do effective evangelists do?

1. They pray for their FRANs (Friends, Relatives, Associates and Neighbors).

Take a 3×5 card and write the name down for someone you are praying for. On the left side, note the prayer need or request; on the right, the date it was answered.

2. They do stuff with their FRANs.

What is it that you like to do? Do it with people who don’t have much of a friendship with Jesus.

3. They know what is going on in the lives of their FRANs.

You learn to meet them where they are, not where you think they should be. And then you bring encouragement for their walk from God’s Word to their lives where it is needed.

4. They point them to Jesus and ask them to follow Him.

The Big Ask. Jesus did it with the woman at the well and then she did it with all her FRAN’s from town.

These are not steps in a formula; this is love for  friends and neighbors and family and work associates that God has placed in our lives.