Over 400 members from across Kansas gathered at Broken Arrow Ranch for the annual Hispanic camp meeting. This year’s guest speakers were Cristian Rizzo and his wife Mariela Siebenlist. Their messaged focused on family, relationships, marriage and Jesus’ ministry in the heavenly sanctuary. The youth and young adults also had their own guest speaker, Raciel Hernandez. He challenged the young people to live boldly for Jesus. On Sabbath afternoon, Pastor Jorge Zelaya held a session to clarify doctrinal questions and many members expressed how much they enjoyed having that time. Participants saw the weekend at Broken Arrow as a time to grow spiritually and also grow together as a community.








“The Hispanic camp meeting at Camp Arrowhead  in Lexington for our Nebraska believers was a blessing to everyone,” says Pastor Reinier Carmona  from Grand Island. “Pastor Jacobo shared inspiring messages and the worship service was excellent.” A group of youth and adults rewrote the book of Daniel on Sabbath afternoon and tested their Bible skills with a dynamic Kahoot game on the same subject: ‘Always Faithful.’ On Sunday morning over 25 people participated in a health race. Following the spiritual closing service, attendees were invited to play sports such as volleyball on soccer on Sunday afternoon.