Waking up in the hospital after the procedure two weeks ago, my first question was, “Did it work?  Did he get it?”  I had just had a procedure to eradicate a hereditary heart arrhythmia which for at least 12 years had been a big frustration for me.  The nurse told me the procedure had worked.  Then she asked about my pain.  Yes, I was having pain.  I had not expected pain.  I thought this procedure was pain free.  My right leg was hurting!  She gave me some medicine through my IV which took care of the pain completely.

For a couple years I had wanted this procedure.  Since it was elective, the insurance hoops to get it had been many and had taken nearly a year.  The arrhythmia would not kill me, I just found it very uncomfortable.  Now it was finally over and was successful!

Over the next several days the pain in my right leg continued.  I took two more days off work than I had planned.  A test showed there were no serious complications causing the pain.  This information at least told us I was safe.  Yet it continued.  If anyone asked me how I was doing I would tell them about the nagging leg pain.  It woke me up in the night and was unpleasant.

On day seven of recovery I was still in some pain, but back to work.  While I was talking to a friend she said, “With this pain, the fact this long awaited procedure was successful is nearly lost.”  So true!  In all the hassle and discomfort I had nearly forgotten why I had the procedure in the first place.  Yes, there were the hassles of extra time off work and pain, but the procedure was a success and I had lost the excitement about that fact.  As I thought more about this, I prayed and thanked God for the first time for making the procedure a success.  The pain and time off work was just an inconvenience which would soon be over, but the success of the procedure would be long-lasting.

Going through this caused me to wonder how many times do I lose the main point in a situation?  How many times do I lose the joy?  The gratitude?  Miss the blessing?  How many times do I complain about the inconvenience of some side issue instead of focusing on what God has done for me?

Sometimes I think I overlook or forget the important point or the blessings.  Sometimes I see only the problems and not the benefits.

Father, forgive me for looking at the minor things inconveniences and not the blessings You have given.