My phone slipped to the floor sometime in the night. I fell asleep praying for my friend, before she texted me back. This morning her request was ready for me: “for courage”, she said. “As a mother. as a sister. with physical pain. that Jesus will hold onto me.”

Courage is so hard when life is overwhelming. I am glad God hands it out when we need it. Certainly, we cannot generate it ourselves very effectively. I often feel I am supposed to be strong, but it seems impossible.

Enduring courage is even harder. My life is full of chronic pain and ongoing drama. Seems the same for her, and probably you, too. We care a lot, don’t we? We are invested in many areas of ministry, usually stemming from our roles.

And the pain…variegated trauma. an insistent tag-a-long.

When I feel like a wilted plant, I am reminded of Psalm 1:
Her “leaves do not wither;”
she is the “planting of the Lord.” (Isaiah 61:3)

Lord, I decided I will take some courage, too, please! And a good watering of Your Spirit.


Photo credit: by jillbware