I’ve been thinking about Job quite a bit lately, maybe that is because I’ve been reading a book on him. *smile*  Just reading about Job makes me look at the troubles of my life differently.  I have learned that every day is an experience with God, and it is built on the day before it.  One day prepares us for the next–one experience is the foundation for another.  Job teaches us that it is important to grow faith, and faith grows by testing.  Untested faith produces an impersonal spirituality; we operate like robots or machines and experience only a rote religion.  As faith grows, it becomes personal and alive:  we have seen how God has been there for us through hard times in the past, and we know that He will be there in the future.  We realize that there is mystery to God and that we need to leave room for Him to act in our life circumstances.  Job’s friends tried to understand what was happening, to explain God–to be sure that they had defined and defended God’s actions and to be sure that Job had correct ideas about God and what was happening in his life.  But God is beyond our explanation.  God is paradox and mystery.  He is so much we don’t understand, but we do know one thing for sure:  God is Love.


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