I’d like to thank my daughter, Stephanie, for this week’s thought!

“With light in her eyes, she looked at me and said, ‘Isn’t it wonderful that God is bigger than all of that, Stephie?’  I looked at her beautiful face, one marked by sunshine, laughter and time, and I tried so hard to believe her.  I had been pouring out my frustrations to her, telling her about my disappointment in people and how small the box was that I felt they put me in.  I told her that I felt trapped by my society and even by my religion.  I complained that I was worn out by the way people don’t love each other.  I said all of this knowing that I, too, had been guilty of each accusation I made.

“My dear friend put her beautiful hand on my leg.  It was spotted with age, and deep lines of wisdom were etched into her brown skin.  I lifted my eyes up to hers, and she must have seen the doubt I was trying to hide.  She smiled again and gently said, ‘Isn’t it wonderful that God is so much bigger than all of that, Stephie?’  This time I caught it; I heard her message.  It was wisdom that could only have come from our God.  He is bigger than all of it and everything.  There is no box that can contain Him.  He is Grace that covers every disappointment, and He is Love that drives out all hate.”
(as told by Stephanie Halvorsen)

This week, let this lesson reach out and touch you.  Recognize the wisdom in it.  This week remember that our God is much bigger than all of it, and it really is wonderful.


Photo credit:  Raul Escobar