Brad Gienger grew up in California and credits his family as role models for his life. His grandfather Gienger was a pastor, his grandfather Norton a teacher and missionary, his father a leader in worship through music, his mother “served relentlessly,” and his grandmothers were faithful.

“Three years into my collegiate career, God called me to change everything and become a pastor,” says Gienger. “I was sitting beside the road in my car having pulled over on my way to school on an early spring morning…I was unhappy with where I was going and did not know what to do and so I prayed a simple prayer, ‘God, I will do whatever you want.’ As I opened my eyes and got back on the road, I turned on the radio just as the chorus of a song was beginning to play. ‘Give me words to speak…’ was the first line I heard. It was as if I were struck with lightning in that moment. I knew I had to become a pastor. I had never considered such a path before, but I drove straight to Pacific Union College’s religion department that morning and changed my major. The Lord has led in amazing ways ever since.”

Gienger and his wife, Kristen, have been in the Dakotas for six years, having pastored in the Pierre, Tolstoy and Mobridge district and most recently as pastor of Dakota Adventist Academy, as well as carrying Pathfinders, Sabbath School Ministries and Adventist Community Services roles for the conference. He and his wife have three young children, Peyton, Lincoln and Wren.