Evelyn Cornforth, well known and appreciated throughout Mid-America territory as the manager of MAUC’s Revolving Fund, has recently retired. Cornforth also served as an accountant for the union for nearly 15 years.

“Evelyn was the face of the Revolving Fund to many local church and school treasurers over the years, as she was the one folks talked to when they had questions about their loans or accounts,” said MAUC treasurer Troy Peoples. In addition, Cornforth has always been more than willing to volunteer to fill other needs, such as answering phones for the entire office. “She could multitask and not only do her full-time job, but take the time to help answer phones so we could save a part-time budget that had previously been allocated to a receptionist, and help put more money back into ministry,” Peoples noted.

Cornforth was also instrumental in helping the MAUC conferences and union office convert to the NAD accounting software. “She helped support several local churches here in MAUC by teaching them how to use the EMS software developed by Union College for local churches, and she will continue part-time to help train local churches on the new NAD local church accounting software in the future,” added Peoples.

Even in her retirement, Cornforth is more than willing to help her church. “Although I am retiring from the Mid-America Union office family, I will still feel very much a part of the work throughout this union, thanks to my heart investment in these Revolving Fund projects,” Cornforth concluded.

“My joy at the Mid-America Union office has been working with churches throughout our territory as they borrow money from the Revolving Fund for capital projects,” said Cornforth. “I travel quite a bit, and my bucket list includes visiting these churches to see the results of their projects. I was able to visit the Houston, Missouri, church and the treasurer showed me around the fellowship hall they added, courtesy of the Revolving Fund. It was especially rewarding to see the space being used for community outreach.”