In Matthew 18, Jesus told His disciples to become like little children – to believe in Him as wholeheartedly as a child does. To help us know Him like children, we reached out to our various schools throughout Minnesota and asked them to pose a question to their students: “Who is God to you?”

We pray that as you read through these responses, you can get to know Jesus a little bit more—that you are reminded what it means to have faith like a little child and can grow even more in your relationship with Jesus.


Minnetonka Christian Academy

God is my Protector. Vivi- 1st grade

He is my protector because He is always with me. Carlos -1st grade

Because God died for us. Merary- 1st grade

God is with me even when I’m happy.  Josue- 1st grade

Because God is my friend.  Kathryn-1st grade

God macs me happy because He died for evrywun. (everyone) Theo-1st grade

God macs me happy because He died for me.  Levi- 1st grade

Jesus died for us so we can’t die so fast. Dylan- 1st grade

He is my protector because he is protect us and love us. Malachi -1st grade


Blackberry Adventist School

He is my peace.  He helps me with bad days like when Richard is mean to me.  Aeris- 1st grade

My daddy is the best in the world and that’s how I picture God an awesome, loving, jenel (gentle), kind father.  Emily – 4th grade

God is my support and my friend whom I talk to, my bestie.  When my father left it felt like God gave me a hug.  Audrey- 6th grade

“Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6.  Oskar-7th grade

God is my king, my everlasting father.  I imagine God as a strong burley man with a soft smile.  He is an excellent ruler.  He is my best friend.  Please pray for Patrick, my dad, I haven’t seen him in five years.  Arabella- 8th grade

God is my friend and comfort. Olaf- 5th grade

The Savior my king. Lillah- 4th grade

To me God is a big man up in the clouds looking down on me to keep me safe. Ricardo- 7th grade

God is like my brudr (brother) dut (but) so pawrlfol (powerful) and he did for me and he gave me mom, dad, and sister. Alexis- 2nd grade


Rochester Adventist Elementary

He is mi frend. He like’s me and He like’s you. And I will do enething (anything) through him. He also is mi God. He is also loving to me. Vivian- 1st grade

My best friend; my brother in some ways. He is Love. He is my heavenly Father. A very trusted person to me.  Summer- 3rd grade

God is a God of kindness and love to me.  Finn- 4th grade

My creator, my helpor, my protector, my heavenly father.  Jase- 4th grade

Light, love, pece, and kindness.  Seth- 3rd grade


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