Godde worked to reconnect with the Israelites after they experienced slavery in Egypt. They found themselves without food in a desert and much like newborns, had no way to feed themselves. How terrifying to be doing what’s right and find yourself with no way to feed your kids. Have you been there? Did you worry you’d taken a wrong turn?

Cracked wide open by hunger and fear, the people watched Godde come close and provide. Godde said to them, “Come near before the Lord, for He has heard your complaints.” The Israelites hadn’t felt listened to by Godde in the past. Moses came along and insisted their prayers were heard and then they were delivered, but what now? Were they to take it from here? Start doing for themselves? When does the caring and oversight stop?

People everywhere, who lacked some essential care as kids, struggle to imagine a caring Godde. While human parents may have overlooked you, Godde doesn’t. There is no expectation for us to whip up some overnight faith based on nothing. Godde showed the Israelites how loved they were when they woke up hungry in a desert every day and every day, Godde fed them. They didn’t follow instructions well, (good thing we never struggle like that) and Godde may have felt like She was spooning pureed peas into a toddler’s mouth. But She fed them. She did it over and over so they would know they could count on Her. Gathering manna was for some, a sweet moment of awareness that God is not far away. She notices me and wants to help. And Her fuse isn’t even short.

People everywhere, who aren’t used to being cared for, struggle to imagine a caring God.

For us, this could be watching the sun rise. It comes around to warm us and light our side of earth consistently. I worry needlessly every other day, but I never worry about the sun’s track record. Are you a sweet, fretting type of person or is some part of you a fretter? You may give it the side-eye, but that worrying one is part of you, shivering in the cold experiences that taught you no one would be there. Let a sunrise shine into the place where you whisper, I can’t depend on anyone. Let it warm your bones with the truth we are held. God is as attuned as a mother to her infant and wants us to feel as safe as we would if we rested against her, feeling the rise and fall of her breathing. Do you know how Godde wants you nestled and warm? Do you know there is always, always a soft place to land?

The truth is we aren’t independent, no matter how we try. We live and breathe Godde. We’re in a symbiotic relationship with our Maker and need daily resuscitation by the One who gives breath. She promises new mercies for you for every morning your eyes see. I know disappointment and loneliness have broken your heart, but you can count on Her.

Ex. 16:9, Lam. 3:22-24