Ray Dabrowski, Rocky Mountain Conference communication director, received the Society of Adventist Communicators Lifetime Achievement Award last week at the North American Division Headquarters in Columbia, Maryland. It was a fitting honor for a man very dedicated to serving his God and his church.
Born in central Poland, Dabrowski has served the church well for over 50 years. Among the many highlights of his ministry, one occurred while he was serving at the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland. While there he established Adventist News Network, and coordinated a process to establish the church’s global corporate identity (logo and branding).
Brenda Dickerson, Mid-America Union communication director, remarked, “Ray has brought the Adventist Church to higher levels of communication professionalism in every role where he has served during his long and notable career. It is an honor to work with him and learn from the wealth of experience he graciously shares.”
For the last eight years, Dabrowski has served as the editor of NewsNuggets, an online weekly newsletter, and Mountain Views, a quarterly print publication, in the Rocky Mountain Conference. As editor, he strives to help people around the conference and beyond to connect to each other by sharing life and ministry stories. His greatest passion is to help people connect to Jesus Christ by sharing the story of God’s amazing love.
Ed Barnett, former Rocky Mountain Conference president, believes Ray Dabrowski was “a God-send” to the conference. “We had just lost our Communication Director on a Wednesday and that Sabbath I went to Boulder to preach. After church Ray came up and introduced himself to me and let me know he was retired from the General Conference Communication Department and would love to help if needed. We ended up hiring him and are still being blessed by his work today!”
When reflecting upon the recognition Dabrowski was recently given, current Rocky Mountain Conference president Mic Thurber said that it was “a well deserved recognition for our friend and colleague Ray Dabrowski. His many years of excellent service to our entire church and in his later years, here in RMC, have made a lasting mark. We are blessed to continue to benefit from his depth of experience and professionalism.
The story behind all the stories Ray Dabrowski shares is the story of an editor who loves God very much and wants to make an eternal difference in the hearts of each reader.
Mickey Mallory is ministerial director for the Rocky Mountain Conference.