A conversation is part of a relationship. People talk to each other in significant ways when they are growing closer to each other. They talk less when they are growing more distant. A relationship can be measured by the conversations and their growth.

Staying in touch is key to healthy relationships; we all know that. But there is a special relationship that many of us enter into that requires additional communication skills. I call it the Gospel Conversation. This is the talk or conversation that takes place between someone who has a friendship with God and someone who doesn’t, or doesn’t seem to.

This conversation is often a bit more delicate, more uncertain at times. It can be confrontational or invitational. It can happen all at once or take place over months, even years. It can feel natural or forced. It can be intimidating or exciting.

For those reasons and more, it’s a special kind of conversation. It may be the most invigorating and valuable kind of sharing and care that we know of. To share the Gospel with someone is one of the greatest gifts God can give us. In some measure, God is entrusting another person’s life with us. Amazing when you think about it.

I’ll think some more about Gospel Conversations and post about it again. In the meantime, this is the kind of conversation that I like to count. I can’t keep track of everything I talk about, but I do keep track of these Gospel Conversations. In the next post, I’ll tell you how.