Loveland Adventist Community Services has been actively involved in helping house local homeless families and provide quilts to these and foster families. You may say that the LACS is a Loveland Church project, but the truth of the matter is that there is only one volunteer from the Loveland Church. The rest of the volunteers, both in the efforts to house homeless families and in the quilting area, are from the Campion Church. Loveland Church supplies the space and Campion Church supplies the labor!

Five quilts have been shared with a family this month alone who have graduated from the Family Promise homeless program and moved into their own home. Campion Church donates money to house these homeless families for several weeks a year in motels.

In the last six months, 48 baby quilts were given to Little Willows, an organization that gives a box of clothing to a child taken from a home and put in foster care. This organization gave out 800 boxes in Larimer and Weld counties in 2022.

A label is sewn on each quilt that says: “A gift from Adventist Community Services, Loveland. Colorado.” While the patterns may not be the fanciest, we do our best to select colors that compliment each other from the fabrics that have been donated.

One quilt recipient, who recently moved into her new Habitat for Humanity home, shared, “Thank you! [The quilt is] so beautiful! The colors are just right for my new home. ”

The project has been a blessing to the volunteer quilters as well. One quilter said, “It’s so nice to know we are doing something that makes a difference for others.” Another shared, “I come because we are accomplishing something for someone else.” And all have shared in fellowship as one quilter said, “I appreciate the friendships I’ve made quilting.”

So, if you are in the area and can tie a square knot, join the group on Tuesday mornings. Contact Sadie Torrez or Ella Jean Albertsen at