The Adventist movement was born out of a longing and passion to see Jesus come and to be finished with the troubles of this world. The Great Commission calls us to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19, NIV). We are part of a church that is dedicated and passionate about spreading the Three Angels’ Message around the world. Our portion of the world for doing this work is in the Mid-America territory. It is an awesome responsibility and privilege given to us by God to share our message of hope with our communities.
At the 2015 General Conference session in San Antonio we heard over and over the theme of every member involvement. It will only be when we are all united and collaborating under the guidance of the Holy Spirit that we will be able to accomplish our mission. All are needed to use the gifts the Lord has given to see our work go forward.

Mid-America Union’s Mission

Desiring to promote hope and wholeness, the Mid-America Union offers itself as an enabling, coordinating organism to enhance the ministries of Adventist entities within its territory. The Mid-America Union Conference is made up of the Central States, Dakota, Iowa-Missouri, Kansas-Nebraska, Minnesota and Rocky Mountain conferences. Many have asked what role the Mid-America Union plays in our church organization. Primarily, we exist to support our conferences, schools and other entities by:
Sharing opportunities to work collaboratively for mission and to support and facilitate vision and mission in each conference.
Providing administrative assistance when requested or needed.
Providing a representative voice at the North American Division and General Conference level of our church. The union officers not only attend NAD and GC committees and boards, but the local conference committees as well to hear what is happening on the local level and maintain communication with the NAD and GC.
Providing oversight in the election processes at constituency meetings and for conference president positions if there is an opening between sessions.
Offering leadership growth opportunities for officers and departmental leaders.
Communicating the happenings around our union, along with inspirational articles, through OUTLOOK magazine and a weekly e-newsletter produced by our communication team.
Providing support to the conference’s various ministry departments including: Education, Youth/Young Adult/Pathfinder/Children’s Ministry, Ministerial, Treasury, Stewardship, Women’s Ministries, Evangelism, Religious Liberty, Communication, Human Resources.
Assist in capital project funding for schools and churches through the Mid-America Union Revolving Fund.
As we move forward, we also want to provide greater support for Community Service/Disaster Relief and our Hispanic Ministries.

How Mid-America Union Works

Over the past few years, the union has been defining the core values by which it operates. Here are some important ways we constantly endeavor to go about our ministry:
Strengthening our mission through Collaboration, Responsibility and Diversity.
Modeling the Fruits of the Spirit, thereby reflecting the character of God.
Responding to conferences’ needs and working collaboratively with them.
Stewarding our resources in the best possible manner to maximize funds for “hands on” ministries at the local level.
Always remembering that front-line ministry happens in our churches and our schools.
Included in this special issue are reports from each of our six conferences, as well as Union College and Adventist Health System. All of them have great stories to tell of the amazing ways in which the Lord has blessed their ministries. It is the Mid-America Union Conference’s great honor and privilege to support all of them in their mission.

Union College

Our college is one of the greatest united ministries in the Mid-America Union. President Sauder and her leadership team are exploring new programs and continuing to encourage and support the teaching excellence that is contributing to our upward tick in enrollment numbers, despite a softening trend among our sister schools. We endeavor to enhance the ministry of Union College through providing leadership and support for their various committees and boards, along with financial support for both operating expense and capital projects.

Medical Ministry

In addition to building up our conferences and college, MAUC happily supports the medical ministry of Adventist Health System which operates a number of hospitals and clinics within our territory. This medical work touches the lives of over four million patients a year with the stated mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ.
The leaders of AHS are deeply committed to this medical ministry and to our church. Through programs such as CREATION Health, our churches have new opportunities to collaborate with AHS to bless our communities through our health message.

Moving Forward

I began serving in the Mid-America Union Conference during the final year of its five-year term. Elder Tom Lemon provided leadership for the first four, leaving big shoes to fill. In July 2015 the world church recognized Elder Lemon’s outstanding leadership qualities and asked him to serve as a vice president for the General Conference. While he is greatly missed here, it is good to know that people with his skills, giftedness and spiritual commitment are making a difference globally for our church.
As a movement, we can’t be standing still. To move forward, we need to unite as never before. We do not have time to be a discouragement to one another—only an encouragement as we look forward to the coming of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.
The words of the song Welcome Home Children have always been very special to me because of the hope they portray:
A great day is coming, Heaven’s gates will open wide, And all who love the Lord will enter in.
And joined with our loved ones, Who in Jesus Christ have died, Our eternal life together will begin.
And the Lord Himself shall greet us. Oh! What joy will fill my heart, When with the smile of the proudest father,
He’ll look at us and say….
Welcome home Children,
This is the place I’ve prepared for you.
Welcome home children,
Now that your work on earth is through.
Welcome home Children,
Ye who have followed so faithfully
Welcome home Children,
Welcome home Children,
Here where I am ye shall always be,
Forever rejoicing, forever rejoicing, forever rejoicing with Me!

I believe Mid-America Union’s greatest days of ministry lie just ahead. If we will collaborate and “press together” as Ellen White exhorted us to do, we will see God moving in mighty ways as never before.