Some years make for hard holidays. One year we said goodbye to a house we’d lovingly renovated and a pet. It was brutal. Many of you have lost loved ones you wish you could share holidays with. The year we lost our pet and house, I learned there isn’t a way to force holidays to be as magical as I’d like. I feared out loud it would be the worst Christmas and my husband said, “One of them has to be.” His simple logic helped me out from under the pressure to make that Christmas amazing. I’m carrying that wisdom over to the COVID-19 Christmas that is approaching. If we can accept the situation we find ourselves in this year, we can find the bits of joy God has planned for us. I pray you’ll find your way to acceptance of what is and hope for what will be.

Jesus, why’d you love us so?
You had no guarantee people would be kind.
You were told they’d hurt You.
To me, heaven isn’t far enough from this mess.
But You came closer.

I think that means You’re super powerful.
While I feel at a loss in the face of loss,
You feel a quickening inside.
You know You’re the remedy
and You’re excited to set things right.

Some things You set right now
and some You’ll set right later.
Help us believe in Your power
when the blessed hope feels far.
Come close again, Jesus,
and light Your fire in our hearts.
You’re arrival – Your presence here
is everything.