Christ Behind Bars is a Seventh-day Adventist prison ministry that impacts the lives of thousands of prisoners all over Kansas.
Founder Dale Vondell shares his testimony of why the ministry was started: “I was in a prison cell wanting something different in my life, and I knew that everything I tried on my own failed! My wife was a Seventh-day Adventist who had backslidden and was reconverted while I was in prison. She kept sending me Bible studies in the form of letters and I would answer them and send them back.
“I finally asked Christ into my heart and my life has never been the same! I was baptized on July 18, 2009 and Dottie and I started doing programs with Christmas Behind Bars out of Indiana and have continued to grow in Christ. We moved to Kansas and started Christ Behind Bars which has been embraced and supported by our church family at Enterprise Church and is expanding to other churches as well!”
For each prison that is visited, a program is led by the Vondells where members share their testimonies of how Christ has changed their lives. Every inmate receives a bag containing snacks, free Bible studies and Adventist books that are purchased through donations from faithful supporters.
With God’s guidance and goodness, the ministry continues to grow. Since December of 2014, members have visited many jails and prisons throughout Kansas and to date between 13,000-14,000 inmates have been impacted by this ministry. At a program on July 23 in Larned, Kansas, every man in the room, including the guards, stood and raised their hands when asked who would stand for Jesus and accept Him into their life.
The following week at Norton, a prison of 850 men, participants saw most of the inmates stand for Jesus as well. The Holy Spirit is working! With the prayerful support of those who love Jesus, Enterprise, Salina and other churches will continue to spread the good news of Christ’s saving grace to every hurting heart in every prison.