The North-American Division Called Convention held from June 19-22 not only provided a time for pastors and their families to grow in their ministry but also provided a unique opportunity to pitch a special evangelistic project and receive funds for that project as well.

Thanks in part to winning second place at the NAD’s Evangelism Shark Tank, in the upcoming school year the Chapel Oaks Church is excited to begin hosting the Inspire Courses as an after school enrichment program for the Middle School across the street.

We will guide 60 to 100 kids through the Creation Life curriculum from AdventHealth to teach holistic health principles from the Bible and to share Jesus with them. There will also be three tracks the kids can specialize in: 1) Medical based science where students will be inspired by local medical professions. Maybe some will go on to work for AdventHealth some day; 2) Art;  3) Music with both an emphasis on performance and recording. We hope the productions in the art and music track can be given back to the school, the hospital and the church.

We truly hope to inspire and create relationships with the students and their families that will continue and allow us to become further integrated into the public school and community. We also hope to further integrate the participants into our church family. We want to be a community that shows Jesus’ love in action, one that would be missed if it wasn’t here. May all of our churches be such a light to our neighbors!