Based on the activity of the New Testament church in Acts 2, it is evident that being in one accord is needed for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on His people. He, being the Holy Spirit, was also instrumental in guiding the early church when leaders needed to arise amongst the people.

On June 28, 2022, the Central States Conference Executive Committee, moved by the Spirit, voted for Kelley Paris to be the new vice-President for finance for the Central States Conference. Sister Paris has 30 years of experience in accounting and finance, and previously served as the associate treasurer/auditor for Central States.

Prior to coming to our conference, Paris served with distinction as the director of accounting for AdventHealth in Orlando, Florida.  Not only does Paris brings her expertise in the accounting field to our conference, she also brings a love for people and a remarkable gift of singing and worship. Our conference and Mid-American Union territory are blessed to have her as part of our leadership family.

At this same Executive Committee on June 28 we voted for Jonathan Green to become the associate treasurer/auditor of the Central States Conference. Brother Green has been with Central States Conference for 12 years and had been serving as the senior accountant/IT director, while helping to fulfill communication needs after the communication director departed.

Green’s attention to details, while being always gracious and kind in everything he does, has been a tremendous asset to our conference. To be very honest, all the pages in OUTLOOK magazine could not contain the accomplishments and gifts that Green has shared with the Central States Conference over the years he has served here. We are more than grateful to have this Treasury leadership team in place, and our conference has already began to see God move on our behalf both spiritually and financially.

We do have a position open at our conference office for an accountant, and have already begun searching for someone who is both called and qualified. What we realize is that God’s calling to work for his church is not only for the pastoral or ministerial calling, but that calling is needed for other aspects of denominational work.

What gives us great joy is that we have encountered youth and young adults who still have a desire to work for God’s church. That gives us hope for the future, and trust that God is still in control, and His Spirit will continue to lead and guide us if we allow Him to.

We are reminded in Scripture that the Holy Spirit is the One who brings all the gifts we need, so the church is edified and the name of the Lord is glorified. Thus, we believe that even when it comes to the financial things of ministry those who serve in these capacities are also filled with the Holy Spirit and utilize these gifts to help effectively finish the work.

We are excited for what the future holds for Central States Conference and believe we are poised to do great things for the advancement of God’s kingdom in this part of the vineyard.

Pastor Cryston Josiah is vice-president for administration for the Central States Conference.