Campion Academy

The administration, chaplain’s office, and staff at Campion Academy have chosen Robyn Quillin to be this year’s recipient of the Caring Heart Award.  Robyn has consistently demonstrated compassion and service.  Through her cards of encouragement to staff and students alike, she radiates a joy that instantly brightens the receiver’s day.  Whenever there are service opportunities, Robyn is the first one to sign up.  Furthermore, she herself takes initiative in meeting the needs of all those around her when she can.  She is the type of caring servant leader who leads by example, and is selfless in her service to others. 


College View Academy

The day-to-day life of Cort Trana exemplifies the true meaning of Christian love and therefore the faculty and staff at College View Academy have chosen him to receive the Caring Heart Award.  Cort has a passion for helping others and has a keen sense of when to step in and help without being asked to do so.  He has been involved in student leadership, community service activities through Campus Ministries, birthday parties for homeless children, basketball and soccer.  By putting the needs of others before his own, Cort embodies the spirit of the Caring Heart Award.  



Dakota Adventist Academy

From Saskatchewan, Canada, Wylee Gareau has been making his influence felt at DAA since his sophomore year. A consistently strong performer, Wylee leads through his willingness to serve. Among the places where Wylee’s Christian influence is felt, the basketball court looms large. His influence is such that coaches on opposing teams know him by name, and referees have commented that they will miss having him on our court next year. Wylee has many broad and varied interests.  He has participated in international mission trips, Pathfinders and 4-H. Wylee, who serves as a senior class officer, will graduate with an enriched diploma in science and math, as well as a vocational endorsement for both construction and autos.   


Maplewood Academy

Maplewood Academy is excited to announce that Shudear Ruach as the recipient of this year’s Caring Heart Award.  We are incredibly proud of this young lady.  Her hard work, her compassion for others, and her focus on Jesus have been an inspiration to us.  While there is so much we can say about the ministries, teams and leadership roles Shudear has served in, her time at Maplewood is summed up well in a quote from one of our teachers: “I appreciate that it is important to her that anything she is involved in reflects Christianity well.” Congratulations, Shudear! 



Midland Adventist Academy

Jayda Tamaleaa’s smile lights up the room and you know the day just got better because she is there. That’s the kind of a person Jayda is. She is an encourager. She makes you better by being on your team! Whether it is being on the praise team at the New Haven Church or at Midland Adventist Academy, playing varsity basketball or volleyball, singing in the choir or in Diversity, Jayda’s example makes people push themselves to be better. She is always willing to lend a hand in community service projects like making Thanksgiving baskets with volleyball teammates or volunteering at the New Hope Food Pantry. Because Jayda helps others wherever she finds herself, we are pleased to honor her with the Caring Heart Award. 


Mile High Adventist Academy

A caring heart is evident in Marcus Henry. As Marcus walks the halls of Mile High Academy, he is a friend to all. He is both a loyal friend and a natural peacemaker among our student body. As the Student Association’s spiritual vice president, Marcus plans and leads spiritually at this school. He is involved at his local church both musically and artistically. Above all, if you spend time with Marcus, his willingness to be used by God and his loving spirit become evident. Mile High Academy is honored to have Marcus as a student, and we are proud of the person he has grown to be.



Sunnydale Adventist Academy

Daslyn Suarez embodies the heart of Jesus. She offers herself in service to others with humility and gentleness. But she also steps boldly into situations with a confidence in Jesus that comes from her personal relationship with Him. She shines because her heart is His.  Daslyn’s four years at Sunnydale are an example of servant leadership, beginning in her freshman year being a class officer followed with ASB leadership positions during her junior and senior years.  During Daslyn’s 9th and 10th grade years, she preached the gospel message in India.  Her willingness to help when asked, sharing her musical talent through special music performance, praise team leadership, and singing with Sunnydale’s Chorale are examples of Daslyn making this world a better place.  The Sunnydale staff and students congratulate Daslyn and say Thank you for sharing Jesus’ love through your life.