Love is a funny thing. It can have a plethora of meanings to many different people. We can love our spouse, our dog, our house, our clothes, our parents, and our God.

Not all those types of love are the same.

It can be expressed in seemingly a million different ways. Regardless of who you love or how you express your love there is a strong list of its benefits.

Reduced depression. Those of us with strong and healthy relationships and friendships have shown evidence of feelings of reduced feelings of isolation. Depression symptoms are often reduced while at the same time increasing happiness and belonging.

Lowers blood pressure. When love is expressed or received, we can feel a light and fluttering feeling in our hearts. That feeling may help us have a lowered blood pressure. Happily married people or those in healthy friendship are shown to have improved blood pressure readings.

Increases life expectancy. Risk of heart attack, developing certain types of cancer and pneumonia decreasing in people in committed and love filled relationships. I recommend researching Blue Zones for more research done on increasing life expectancy.

Improves your gut health. Our gut is responsible for roughly 80% of our immune system. Surprisingly, the feeling of love can help our gut microbiome do a better job of fighting off harmful bacteria.

Improves your sleep. Feelings or expressing love can help reduce stress and ease tension in our lives. This can lead to improved sleep quality and increased restfulness.

As you can see, love has many benefits to our lives. Whether we receive or give love, we can feel the benefit of it.

Thank God that He is the ultimate provider of love.

Make sure you tell those you love, I love you as often as you can!