The Alamosa Seventh-day Adventist Church proudly inaugurated its long-awaited community service initiative on July 18, ushering in a new era of support and assistance for the local community. 

The doors that were opened that day will continue to serve the community every first and third Tuesday of the month, from 11 am. to two pm., offering a helping hand to those in need. The core mission of this initiative is to provide vital resources such as free clothes, blood sugar and pressure readings, as well as prayers for individuals facing challenging circumstances.

Months of meticulous preparation and heartfelt prayers culminated in the successful launch of the Community Service activities. “The response from the community members has been overwhelming, with an outpouring of donations of clothes,” said Daniele Fantoni, church pastor. “Even before the official opening hour, individuals in need flocked to the church’s doors, underscoring the urgent need for such a service in the area.” 

Fantoni added, “We firmly believe in the power of community and the strength that lies in helping one another. Our team of dedicated volunteers is prepared to extend a helping hand, making a positive impact in our neighborhood.”

The journey has just begun, and the Alamosa Adventist Church is committed to sustaining this service, fostering a spirit of unity and compassion within the community. With open hearts and open doors, the church stands as a pillar of compassion, striving to uplift and empower those who seek assistance.

Sherry Billings, the church’s community services director, commented, “It is a true blessing to serve our community in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.”