The Sioux Falls Adventist church in South Dakota had a total of 22 people walking or biking the trails of Falls Park North on September 22 in support of Let’s Move Day. There were a similar number of people participating in other activities.

Ed Simanton and his two children, JT and Alana, rode a total of 20 miles each. Ashley Wolf guided the smallest biker who rode her training bike three miles and never quit even though she had hills to climb.

Jerry Closs, who takes neighboring children to Sabbath school and church programs, brought them to the park, carrying five bikes in his van. The total number of miles recorded was 167 with an average of 7.5 per person.

Nedd Brown brought water and fruit snacks, compliments of the church’s social committee, for the event. It was a windy but beautiful day.

Preparations for this day included the distribution of Adventists Say Yes brochures and a Saturday night vespers program explaining Let’s Move Day and how it ties in with the National Initiative for Childhood Obesity.

News writer/photographer Colleen Wolf is Health Ministries leader for the Sioux Falls Church.