Luke 1:41

And it happened, when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, that the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.

The distance to visit Elizabeth will be difficult.

It will take time.

Mary may ruin her chances with Joseph by going.

Still, she has to go.

And as the wagon climbs the last hill and Mary can see her cousin’s home, her breath catches. As the heavy wheels roll to a stop in the dirt, she slides down and runs along the stone path to the door.

Elizabeth appears in the doorway and pulls the young girl into a tight hug. When she did, the baby in her own belly jumped, and she beams at her young cousin.

“Mary! You’re blessed among women, your baby is blessed, and you’ve blessed me by visiting. As soon as you breathed my name, my own baby jumped with joy! Do you know how blessed you are, Mary, for believing what the angel said was true?”

“I am God’s as never before, and my spirit rejoices in Him. I was nothing, and with one look, He changed my whole future. He is Holy and mighty and has done mighty things for me.” Mary’s hand cradles her abdomen. “He is merciful and strong. He scatters the proud and puts down the mighty. He raises up the weak, fills the hungry, sends away the rich wanting, and He helps Israel, just as He said He would.”

The woman steps back and looks at Mary from head to toe. “You’ve grown up.”

“I have.” Mary exclaims, eyes dropping to her own belly.

“Stay,” her cousin begged.

“I cannot leave without first meeting the baby who is so excited to greet us.” Mary smiled at her cousin–the two women holding hands as men carried her things into the house.


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