Adventist Community Services Disaster Response volunteers and other area agencies are opening a Multi-Agency Resource Center on June 4 in Carl Junction, Missouri for those who have been impacted by the recent tornados.

MARCs provide a central location for local and state agencies and human service organizations to provide disaster-related assistance and information regarding insurance and legal services, Food Stamp replacements, health and wellness services, and emergency financial assistance.

Directly following the tornados last week, the ACSDR team from Iowa-Missouri served over 400 families in Cole County on Thursday and Friday  through a warehouse operated in partnership with Capital West Christian Church for the town of Jefferson City, Missouri.  On Saturday, the MARC moved to the city of Eldon, Missouri, to serve the residents of Miller County.

ACSDR was asked to coordinate donation collections at the Jefferson City’s concert over the weekend and will also oversee donation coordination for the Sheriff’s Barbecue scheduled for June 4. Jefferson City mayor, Carrie Tergin, is ‘all in’ and ‘hands on’ in coordinating with Pastor Jody Dickhaut, Iowa-Missouri Disaster Response state director, regarding the city’s response to its residents. Dickhaut is also collaborating with The United Way organization and the Red Cross of Cole and Miller Counties in disseminating information to the community through press releases and TV interviews with local news outlets.