Mr. Z was sitting in the lobby bar of the Delta Hotel by Marriott, having a beer, when someone approached him with a book in her hand. He accepted The Great Controversy and told the lady that the “Spirit” had told him to come to this hotel where they were holding a religious meeting. After introducing herself with a broad smile, she offered to give Mr. Z a book. He sat there glassy-eyed, with some teeth missing, and poorly dressed. However, he accepted the book and began asking the lady about it. He eagerly started reading the book and then asked to meet the lady who was in charge of the project to distribute 1500-2000 books over the weekend.

In the meantime, Anabel Albuja, vp of evangelism for the Mid-America ASI chapter, was up in her room spending time on her knees, asking the Lord to give her an opportunity to witness that day. As soon as she finished her prayer, Anabel received a call from one of her prayer warriors who had been speaking with Mr. Z. She shared with Anabel that she was with a gentleman who had some questions he wanted to ask her. She hurried down to meet him and during their conversation discovered that he had not seen his family in many years. With tears in his eyes, he shared that he wanted to know more about the meetings. Anabel assured him they would try to help him to find his family and invited him to join the Mid-America convention, where Pastor Doug Bachelor would be speaking.

That was the beginning of a weekend of others sharing the love of Jesus and encouraging Mr. Z, praying with him, and helping him to know about the family of God. He faithfully came to the meetings and read The Great Controversy. He was invited to attend a session at Eden Valley, which he gladly accepted, and he began a series of Bible studies with a lovely Spirit-filled couple he met.

Only the Lord knows the final path Mr. Z. took after he left Eden Valley; however, we are confident that the Holy Spirit will continue to work with him and pursue him until the very end. During that weekend, Mid-America ASI was able to pass out 1500-2000 Great Controversy books along with a Secrets of Health brochure and some GLOW tracts in a bag to hang on people’s doors or hand to them personally, along with 4000 books that were given to six district churches in their various cities. Many testimonies were shared at the convention over the weekend. We look forward to new testimonies that will be shared at our upcoming Mid-America ASI rally on March 10-12, 2023, and convention on April 20-23, 2023.

March 10-12 Mid-America ASI will be holding a rally at the Chapel Oaks Seventh-day Adventist Church, located at 6245 Monticello Rd, Shawnee, KS. Tim Rumsey, speaker/director of Pathway to Paradise Ministries, will be speaking. He will assist with the distribution of 4000-6000 Great Controversy books in English and Spanish, along with seven other churches in the area. Johnny Anderson of Streams of Light will present a seminar to help us distribute the Secrets of Health brochure and GLOW tracts.

April 20-23 Mid-America ASI will hold their chapter convention once again at the Delta Hotel by Marriott, 10 E. 120th Ave., NorthGlenn, CO. Our speakers will be Mark Finley, Eric Flickinger and Gary Thurber. We will continue to distribute the Great Controversy books, the Secrets of Health brochure, and GLOW tracts. We will also work with area churches to distribute the packets in English and Spanish. For more information about how to participate in this effort, go to