The final step that seems as though it hovers at the highest summit of Everest, out of reach to everyone who desperately seeks its healing powers.


This multifaceted, complicated web of a stage is unattainable. Or at least it seems that way. So many times I have felt like I was drowning or gasping for air, my chest heavy, my arms outstretched, nails grasping desperately for something to hang onto, hoping for a glimpse of healing and forgetting.

But it isn’t that easy. It isn’t as easy as taking anguished breaths, clinging to the slippery walls of life to somehow find that glimmer of happiness. We can’t just forget,  and push that which hurts out forever. That’s not how God works, it isn’t how He has ever worked.

We have to forgive.

And forgiveness… It isn’t easy. It means we can’t just forget and pretend like nothing ever happened. We have to acknowledge our pain, and we have to face the conflict, the situation, the cause of our grief. Head on. We have to take up a figurative cross, hand out a piece of what Christ did for all of us. When we reach this point of acceptance and wanting to move on from our grief, we have to forgive.

Acceptance means taking the person or situation that caused our grief as a product of a sinful words and nothing more. Acceptance means realizing it isn’t our fault: The world doesn’t hate us, God doesn’t hate us. Acceptance means allowing the grief to be a part of what makes you YOU and making it a brick that you can build off and grow to be a better person. Acceptance doesn’t mean forgetting, it means taking everything as it is and forgiving the anguish, hurt, and anger. Acceptance means calling on Jesus to help you through every second and give you the courage to face the monsters.

Acceptance is what sets you free. Acceptance gives you the fresh cool air you’ve spent months grasping for. Acceptance is the hug that surrounds your pain.

“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” ~John 8:36

Forgive the driver of the other vehicle. Forgive the close friend. Forgive the one that gives the bruises. Forgive the unfair scoreboard. Forgive the one that touched you. Forgive the gun. Forgive the mental state. Forgive the bullies. Forgive him. Forgive her. Forgive YOU.



Stay tuned for 6th (and final) part!