This pandemic broke into our lives so quickly. It was not something we could have planned for or prevented. But as a very wise person once told me, “Don’t waste your crises.” 

So here is a summary of my reflections on important things I want to remember from the 2020 pandemic:

  1. Everything begins with the mind, so every day choose your focus and perspectives carefully. This current situation won’t last forever. Be thinking about how your “after” life can be better than your “before” life.
  2. Take better care of your elders. Since we know from experience how hard it can be to be isolated and lonely, don’t allow them to suffer through that on a regular basis.
  3. Remember to keep in touch with all your loved ones. Call or text to see how they’re doing. Don’t take anyone for granted because you never know when they will no longer be alive on this earth.
  4. Use social distancing as an opportunity to take better care of yourself. Get more sleep, if possible. Get more exercise. Eat better (since you are at home preparing your own meals). Taking care of your health will pay off in the long run, regardless of what your life looks like post-pandemic.
  5. Learn how to use technology more effectively for accomplishing your goals in life. But  don’t allow digital connections to replace human face time and physical hugs (when appropriate).
  6. Spend more time in the future making meaningful memories with your family and close friends. This will give you warm experiences to cherish and provide a mental anchor during the storms of life.
  7. Create a “beauty mark” every day. The human soul craves beauty, whether in the form of art, music, dance, flowers, food, smiles or just a kind word sincerely spoken. Beauty brings us comfort and peace and hope. Look for simple ways to increase beauty in the world around you.
  8. Value in-person group opportunities for creating community and engaging in worship together. This is a great privilege not to be overlooked or underappreciated.
  9. Make sure you have a hobby of some kind. Everyone needs a bit of down time to maintain good health, so acknowledge the benefits of silence and learn to develop your creativity and ingenuity by doing something you can enjoy alone.
  10. Don’t waste anything—not even toilet paper. You never know when you’ll wish you had been more frugal!