Attending a religious school is a great thing for many people with beliefs. At a church school you have the freedom to practice your religion. You are able to pray and discuss religion which you often cannot do in other schools because not many people share the same beliefs. Coming to a place with people that share the same beliefs has helped me learn more about my religion. I am able to learn more through the Bible classes.

Church schools help you study and teach you about the Bible and what you learn and hear in church. I am able to learn more through the Bible classes. With Bible classes you can learn about your belief more than one day a week when you show up to church for a few hours; you can learn every day in a class at school. Bible classes also let you hear more opinions and ideas about the Bible than reading and studying the Bible alone. People also learn new things from the classes and other people in the classes with them.

Learning about the Bible can help people through life; the Bible teaches the difference between right and wrong. Psalms and Proverbs in the Bible give advice on how to live. Things such as the 10 Commandments will help to be a good person. At a church school you are taught all of these things that can help you become a better person starting at a young age.

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Daniel Miller graduated from eighth grade at Brentwood Adventist Christian School in Bismarck, North Dakota.