OUTLOOK editor Brenda Dickerson recently sat down with Heather Quintana to talk about the purpose and impact of Vibrant Life magazine, the nation’s oldest health journal.

Heather, as the editor of Vibrant Life, tell us about the magazine’s history and mission.

Since Vibrant Life was launched over 130 years ago it has had various names, but the purpose has always been the same: to represent whole-person health—mental, physical and spiritual.

It’s been a real joy to work with the magazine for these past 12 years. We’ve gone through several redesigns, but the message is always to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy because they are all connected.

Yes, we are in a health crisis in America that goes beyond just diet and exercise. We clearly need help in other areas as well.

For so long people thought that being healthy meant eating your vegetables and exercising. But what we are talking about in Vibrant Life is much broader.

For example, what if at your last family gathering you ate a really healthy plant-based meal and then you all went for a walk, but the whole time you were fighting about politics, and you couldn’t get along with your sister, and the grandkids were all mad? It would not be an entirely healthy event because you would not be experiencing peace or joy. Being healthy is not just “eat some broccoli and go for a run.”

How does Vibrant Life align with the principles Ellen G. White, our Adventist Church co-founder, laid out in her writings?

Ellen White’s book The Ministry of Healing offers simple advice like don’t overwork and don’t overeat. If you’re stressed, go out into nature and take a walk and get fresh air—all these ideas that at her time were unheard of. Now we have research to support every one of them. So we find the modern research that supports these timeless principles and share it in a way that feels fresh and relevant.

Speaking of research, what are some tips for filtering the abundance of health advice we encounter these days?

It can be confusing. There are a lot of trends in diets and conflicting research. So we keep it really simple and always go back to those basic health principles that we have known for over 100 years. Those natural health principles will always be a good idea—stay active, drink water, take a walk. Always go for the most natural option when possible. Instead of apple pie, eat an apple. Instead of French Fries, try a baked potato.

So how do you choose which recipes to include in Vibrant Life?

“Eat more plants” is our guiding principle. We also try to keep it simple—using things in their most natural state. We also limit the ingredients to items that are easy to find in most communities and reasonably priced. Whatever our theme is for the issue, we make sure every recipe is both delicious and guilt-free.

What’s your philosophy for choosing the magazine’s topics?

Every article must have a practical element, a solid take-away that answers the question, How will this help people live a more abundant life? We see Vibrant Life as a first step in helping to restore health through simple means so people can begin to have a clear mind and an open heart.

Ellen White’s advice was to make this a spicy magazine with short articles for those who are not ready for heavy theology. So Vibrant Life is designed to be shared, in a warm and inviting way, for every stage of life.

What are some examples of how this magazine has impacted people’s lives?

I meet a lot of people who tell me they put themselves through school selling our magazine door-to-door back when it was called Life and Health. It goes to prisons and hospitals. It helps families become vegetarians or make other healthy decisions. People of other faiths also let me know they appreciate it.

One young woman contacted me after she saw Vibrant Life in an airport and recognized her own face on the cover. She had done some modeling in the past and the photographer had sold the pictures to a stock image website. She was thrilled and she called me saying, “I’m your cover girl!” We started talking and she loved what the magazine represents and immediately subscribed. It is so neat to talk to people and hear how the magazine is helping them live a well-rounded, healthy life.

How to subscribe

Get an annual subscription for only $19.95.

Or check out the Buy One, Share One option and send it to a neighbor, your child’s teacher or your hair salon.

You can also buy in bulk to hand out at your church, school or community health event.


How to advertise

Vibrant Life is open to advertising any product that aligns with whole-person health.

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